A Global Business Model Requires a Global Workforce

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GPS is The Only Job-Matching Service:

To save employer's time and money by pre-qualifying candidates based on hiring criteria

With unprecedented access to candidates with global skills—foreign language proficiency, experience abroad, regional expertise, and cultural competency—as well as relevant work experience

That uses proprietary technology to successfully match employers with candidates

GPS Pre-Qualifies Candidates

GPS uses a proprietary matching technology to pre-qualify candidates for employers based on hiring criteria

Desired compensation
Work experience
Preferred work environment
Language proficiency
Cultural/regional competency
Soft skills (e.g. leadership, teamwork)
Hard skills (e.g. financial modeling)
Computer skills

Find Global Talent

US mid- and large-size companies have international operations or serve multilingual clientele.

— US Census Bureau

of these companies are looking for candidates who have the global skills to work with clients from different countries and cultures.

— 2014 Michigan State University, JNCL, GALA Employment Trends Survey

How It Works

Find The Right Employee

Define Your Hiring Criteria

GPS solicits hiring criteria from each employer.

Get Matched

GPS uses its matching algorithm to identify the candidates in our database most compatible with employer criteria.


GPS connects employers to the best-qualified candidates.

Save Time and Money

Global Skills

The GPS database is comprised of candidates with exceptional global skills

Streamlined Process

GPS expedites the hiring process by pre-qualifying candidates

Long-Term Value

GPS minimizes employee turnover by providing better-matched candidates

Put Language and Culture to Work for You

Find Global Talent
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