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Leverage your foreign language and experience abroad. GPS translates your global skills into a vernacular that resonates with employers.

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Complete our survey to tell us about your skills and interests. In return, we match you to real job openings that speak to your career goals.

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We vet each opportunity. GPS only works with employers that value global talent and are ready to hire.

The Only Job-Matching Service To:

Spotlight the candidate’s global competencies—foreign language proficiency, experience abroad, regional expertise, and cultural competency—as well as relevant work experience.

Use proprietary technology to pre-qualify candidates by matching employer hiring criteria with the candidate’s skills and interests.

US mid- and large-size companies have international operations or serve multilingual clientele.

— US Census Bureau

of these companies are looking for candidates who have the global skills to work with clients from different countries and cultures.

— 2014 Michigan State University, JNCL, GALA Employment Trends Survey

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GPS uses a proprietary algorithm to match you with employers who value your background and interests.

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Leverage your foreign language and experience abroad.

GPS translates your skills and experience into language that resonates with employers.

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